Yacht charter destinations

with Verpeka Dolling

Chartering a luxury yacht is the ultimate travel experience – not just for the opulent surroundings on board and at sea. The greatest aspect of vacation yacht rentals is that they can offer guests the ultimate luxury: freedom.

For those clients who prefer the freedom of chartering a yacht, our team of experienced charter managers provide an extensive collection of quality motor and sailing yacht charter options in top yacht charter destinations all around the globe.

Yacht hotspots

Mediterranean and Caribbean hotspots attract luxury charter yachts to their shores all year round, whether vacation yacht rentals on the French and Italian Rivieras through the summer or – for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle – the Adriatic, Croatia and Montenegro, as well as the turquoise waters of Greece and Turkey. Throughout the winter months, the Caribbean and Asian cruising grounds dominate the charter market. Our extensive network provides the best itineraries in the best yacht charter destinations for a unique experience on board.

Bespoke yacht charter

With bespoke handcrafted itineraries to satisfy the most discerning of clients, we are able to fulfil your dreams in the world’s most beautiful, exciting and exotic locations for a truly unforgettable yacht vacation. Yacht rentals offer the chance to create your own journey – whether it be a two-week superyacht charter discovering the hidden gems of the French and Italian Rivieras with friends, or two months exploring the heavenly waters of Indonesia with family: the VERPEKA DOLLING team curates the perfect yacht charter experience for you.

Arctic Luxury Yacht Charter & Antartica Yacht Charter

For a truly once-in-a-lifetime superyacht charter, few destinations come close to the Arctic or Antarctic. The North and South Poles have been sources of fascination for millennia, attracting explorers and adventurers for centuries. With the capabilities and technical performances of superyachts ever-increasing, exploring the most remote corners of the planet…

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Indonesia Superyacht Charter

Welcome to your Indonesia superyacht charter, where 17,000 remote and mostly uninhabited islands make for the perfect destination for a unique charter adventure. From paradise deserted islands to some of the best diving in the world, from vibrant island cultures to incomparably zen wellness retreats, an Indonesia yacht charter offers…

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Mediterranean Superyacht Charter

The Mediterranean has been a premier charter yacht destination for generations. Stretching from the azure waters of the Turkish Riviera in the East to the glittering shores of Ibiza in the West, it’s not hard to see why yachts flock to Mediterranean waters every summer.  Sheer diversity is what defines…

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For those looking for unspoiled nature, spectacular bio-diversity and immersive cultural experiences, head to Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Both regions offer utterly unique superyacht charter experiences: long gone are the crowds and jam-packed marinas and, instead, hundreds of islands where friendly locals are ready to welcome you to paradise.


Caribbean Yacht Charter & Bahamas Yacht Charter

The Caribbean and the Bahamas have been attracting some of the world’s most exclusive superyachts to their turquoise waters for decades. The ideal winter-sun superyacht charter destinations, the Caribbean and Bahamas both exude the very best of island life: paradisiacal beaches, wonderfully tropical weather and a laid-back atmosphere that’s contagious….

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Though the majority of superyacht charters head to the tried and tested yachting hotspots, getting off the beaten track is becoming more and more attractive. With superyachts more capable – and luxurious – than ever before, superyacht charter vacations to French Polynesia and Galapagos Islands allow guests to travel in…


Seychelles & Maldives Yacht Charter

For those looking for a perfect island getaway, look no further than Seychelles and the Maldives. Perhaps the most heavenly luxury yacht destinations in the world, both groups of islands are nestled within the vast Indian Ocean, providing privacy, peace, and total perfection. Home to thousands of idyllic islands, a…

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