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Successful Yacht Sales

VERPEKA DOLLING has a vast network of direct clients and brokers that span the globe, which we utilise to ensure your yacht is marketed effectively worldwide from one of the leading boutique European yacht brokerage houses. 

With an experienced team of yacht brokers, VERPEKA DOLLING is the answer to one of the biggest questions on yacht owners’ minds: “How can I sell my yacht?” 

Sell My Yacht


As a boutique brokerage firm, we collaborate closely with each of our clients to ensure we meet their requirements, fully and efficiently. We operate to a standard that consistently exceeds the expectations of even the most discerning clientele. Each of our clients has our undivided attention, and as a result, our ethos is quality, not quantity. Your vessel will be attended to and marketed individually and not lost in mass production as is often the case with the large brokerages.



We pride ourselves on our reputation and are relentless in the pursuit of a successful sale both in terms of time on the market and obtaining the maximum possible return for the client. Once we obtain a listing, we do not just sit idly by and hope the phone will ring! We embrace each listing as a personal challenge and work every possible angle to succeed; from direct and indirect marketing, broker open days, social media, prominent placing during special events, client cocktail showcase evenings are just some of the methods we employ. We guarantee we will be the hardest workers in the room until we get your yacht sold and sold right!


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