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SUPERYACHT Submarines for sale

Over the past few years, the capabilities of superyacht submarines have grown considerably. From scientific research to curious exploration, the development of new, light-weight and incredibly capable models from a number of experienced submersible brands, has made accommodating a submarine on your luxury yacht a real possibility.

With off-the-beaten-track destinations such as the Antarctic, Indonesia, French Polynesia and other remote destinations developing solid yacht infrastructure and becoming increasingly more accessible, the great unknown of the world’s deepest oceans are no longer out of reach to yacht owners and charter clients. Now is the time to stop dreaming and immerse yourself into the deep!

2019 TRITON 1862 CC

Year: 2019
Builder: TRITON
Length: 20″ / 6.09m
Price: €19,641

2019 TRITON 1862 CC

Underwater exploration like never before


A submarine adventure is like no other and takes the superyacht experience to an entirely new level, literally! Thanks to the constant innovation in submarine technology, a relatively wide variety of submarines are available on the market today. From two-person vessels that fly just under the surface of the water, to deep-water submersibles which dive to beyond 1000m and really open up ocean exploration, right in front of your eyes. A superyacht submarine is a fantastic piece of equipment to make your yacht experience truly unique. 

However, it’s not all about fun when it comes to superyacht submarines. The VERPEKA DOLLING team is always finely attuned to optimising your yacht investment. In an increasingly crowded charter market, the addition of a submarine on your charter yacht could make your vessel stand out from the crowd, significantly increasing interest and charter revenue on your superyacht.  

Superyacht Submarines for Sale

Submarine Sales


Experienced in superyacht submarine sales and installation since the 1990’s, the VERPEKA DOLLING team has in-depth knowledge of the best superyacht submarines on the market. As one of the leading boutique yacht brokerage firms, VERPEKA DOLLING is dedicated to an individual service, protecting your overall superyacht investment. Whether for superyacht submarine sales, yacht charter, yacht sales or yacht management enquiries, contact our team to learn more about how VERPEKA DOLLING can assist you. 

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